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Unified Contact and Collaboration

Streamlining Communication for Success

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Expertise in Voice Solutions and Contact Centers

At Intelligent Visibility, our Unified Contact and Collaboration practice is centered around delivering cutting-edge communication solutions, both on-premises and cloud-based. 

Our Expertise 

  • On-Prem and Cloud-Based Voice Solutions

    We specialize in providing robust voice solutions that cater to the diverse needs of modern businesses, ensuring seamless integration and uninterrupted communication, whether on-premises or in the cloud.
  • Contact Centers of All Sizes

    Our solutions are scalable, catering to both large and small contact centers. We focus on optimizing communication channels to enhance customer interaction and satisfaction. We’ve built solutions as small as dedicated internal support teams wanting to improve the experience for their users up to large contact centers supporting the marketing and customer service efforts of Fortune 100 brands.

  • Custom Integration with Business 

    We excel in integrating contact center workflows with our clients' marketing and operational processes. This tailored approach ensures that your contact center is not just a communication hub, but a pivotal part of your business strategy.
  • Custom Development Work

    Our prowess is further demonstrated in custom development projects like Call Record Analyzer. These solutions are designed to address common customer needs and gaps left by the leading solutions in their “off the shelf” configuration.

Driving Business Outcomes Through Effective Communication

Our approach goes beyond traditional communication solutions. We aim to transform your contact centers into strategic assets that drive business outcomes. By aligning our solutions with your business goals, we ensure that every interaction adds value to your operations and customer experience.

Intelligent Visibility

Partner with iVi for a Unified Communication solution that’s not just advanced in technology, but also aligned with your business success.