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The Importance of Call Logs Records in Compliance

Maintaining Protected Call Logs is Imperative for Modern Business

There are many reasons why maintaining call logs is an important component of compliance for local, state, and federal agencies. Were you aware it's also imperative for companies doing business with these entities or operating in regulated industries?  Here are some of the most compelling things to consider:

  • Transparency Requirements: 
    • Federal Transparency Requirements: The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requires federal agencies to disclose certain records upon request, including call logs. Companies that provide services to or collaborate with government agencies may need to maintain call logs simply to comply with FOIA requests.
    • State and Local Requirements: Similar to Federal requirements, many states have created additional laws or requirements for record retention to approve transparency and accountability.

plain map of unites statesUnderstanding Call Log Records: It's a State-by-State Requirement 

When you are dealing with public purposes or employees, most states treat phone call logs as public records. However, some states require more detailed reporting and analysis, and it's important to understand the current laws to ensure your business is compliant.

  • Legal Compliance: Companies operating in regulated industries (e.g. finance & healthcare) may be required by law to maintain call logs for a certain period to comply with regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).


Other Arguments for Maintaining Call Records

  • Customer Service & Quality Assurance: Call logs can be valuable for improving customer service and ensuring quality assurance. Analyzing call logs can help identify trends, improve processes, and train employees.
  • Audits & Accountability: Maintaining call logs can help agencies and companies track communications for auditing purposes, ensuring compliance with internal policies and industry standards.

How Call Record Analyzer (CRA) Can Support You


Not only is CRA a valuable resource to help with meaningful call analytics, but it also provides call blocking and helps companies comply with Kari's Law 911 requirements. It is also an essential tool for many companies to help them look at key elements like jitter and latency in their systems and to dig deep into call center efficiency. 

It is also a perfect way for companies to meet compliance requirements regarding call logs. To learn more about what services and information we provide, click the link below.