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Enriching Observability with NDR

Insights from Forrester Wave™️ Network Analysis & Visibility Q2' 2023 report

Intelligent Visibility’s approach to observability is informed by the latest industry insights, notably those from the Forrester Wave™ Network Analysis & Visibility Q2’2023 report. This report accentuates the criticality of NDR within the broader observability framework, emphasizing how solutions from leading providers like Arista and Cisco underpin a Zero-Trust architecture by ensuring granular visibility and sophisticated threat detection across the network landscape.

  Decoding Network Complexities

Forrester’s evaluation points to the necessity of decrypting network traffic to inspect payloads meticulously—a fundamental tenet upheld by Intelligent Visibility. This deep level of analysis, championed by Cisco’s broad networking and security integrations, enables organizations to uncover and mitigate hidden threats effectively. Likewise, Arista’s deployment flexibility, as highlighted by Forrester, ensures that organizations can scale their observability needs without compromise, catering to complex hybrid networks with ease.

Emphasizing Analyst Experience (AX) and Integration

The report also draws attention to the importance of enhancing the Analyst Experience (AX), a principle that resonates deeply with our vendor-agnostic approach to observability. By utilizing tools that provide intuitive interfaces and seamless integrations - Intelligent Visibility ensures that analysts are empowered to make swift, informed decisions, regardless of the underlying technology, and through dashboards and interfaces that are tailored to their needs.

Furthermore, Forrester’s findings underline the importance of integrating NDR with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) solutions, a strategy that aligns with our commitment to comprehensive network coverage. This integration affords organizations the visibility and control necessary to secure the modern, mobile workforce.

Our Vendor-Agnostic Observability Framework

While the Forrester Wave™ report sheds light on the capabilities of industry leaders like Arista and Cisco, Intelligent Visibility embraces a vendor-agnostic stance in architecting observability solutions. 

"Our philosophy is to harness the best-of-breed technologies to tailor solutions that meet our clients' unique challenges and objectives."
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Intelligent Visibility Team

Tailoring Comprehensive Solutions

  • Strategic Integration: Leveraging insights from Forrester, we integrate NDR into our observability suite, ensuring deep network insights and enhanced threat detection capabilities, irrespective of the technology provider.
  • Customizable and Scalable: Our approach is to blend proprietary technologies with leading solutions, including but not limited to Arista and Cisco, ensuring that our observability framework is both adaptable and scalable.
  • Expert-Led Approach: Our expertise in delivering observability solutions across various industries positions us as a strategic partner, guiding organizations through the complexities of modern IT ecosystems.

Charting the Future of Observability

In a digital landscape that demands both agility and security, the integration of NDR within a holistic observability strategy is paramount. Drawing from the valuable insights of the Forrester Wave™ report and our extensive experience, Intelligent Visibility is uniquely positioned to lead organizations toward a secure, observable, and resilient future.

Embark on your observability journey with Intelligent Visibility, where cutting-edge solutions meet strategic foresight, ensuring your digital infrastructure remains both visible and secure in the face of evolving threats.