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Uncovering the Unknowns: Call Record Analyzer


When You're Unaware of a Problem, You Could Be Missing More Than You Realize


What is Call Record Analyzer (CRA)?

CRA is a software designed to help businesses analyze call records, offering users a comprehensive view of their company's communication patterns. CRA now identifies coverage gaps and recognizes call patterns, providing actionable insights to improve communication efficiency.

Recently, while running a trial setup for a potential new customer, CRA collected some interesting data which led us to investigate the company's communication problem with a "looping" error, which you can see in the reporting below:


Further investigation led us to review their call logs for both top calling and called devices. The potential call looping problem is likely a determining factor in the large imbalance in the calls viewed below.  


Furthermore, failure to address the call looping issue could lead to larger problems for the company's communication system in the future including

   Inability to send/receive external calls

Possible degraded service

The thing that we have come to realize is that even though CRA is a software specifically designed to enable companies to see the patterns in their communication, it also has become a valuable tool to help uncover issues that may be lingering beneath the surface. Although these issues may not be high risk currently, they could pose potential threats down the road for systems that go unchecked as shown above. 

Having CRA as a platform in your communication environment helps with 

  • Providing meaningful call analytics
  • Blocking unwanted calls
  • Adding Kari's Law E911 capabilities
  • Troubleshooting Cisco UC
  • Finding the unknown issues affecting your systems
                                                                                                              and more...